Student Union Government

The Students' Union Government
All registered students (full-time and part-time) of the College are eligible to be members of the Students Union.  Objectives, responsibility or activities, organisation and relationship with authority of the Polytechnic are highlighted below:
•    To promote the good name of the College and work for the progress and advancement of science and technology education within and outside the institution.

•    To provide its members with a healthy environment for the pursuit of a well rounded education and the development of responsible citizenship.

•    To promote the welfare, social, intellectual, cultural and sporting activities of its members.

•    To liaise with the Management of the College on matters that affects the student members.

The Union is responsible for day-to-day administration of student union on campus.  The students’ union executives represent the interest of the whole student body and therefore, liaise between the student body and the College authority.

The student union has two arms of administration that is the Executive and the Students Representative Council.


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