Basic and General Studies Division


The General Studies Division was created in 1977 and was administered from the Faculty of Arts whose Dean recommended the person to be appointed the Director to the Vice-Chancellor. This status was changed by Senate decision in February 1998, which makes the Division an autonomous Unit in the Vice-Chancellor’s office.
The Division provides for the teaching of five general courses to the whole of the University. These courses, which are of 2 credits each, are classified as required courses for all students. These are courses that must be taken and passed before a student can graduate. They are:

  • GNS 111 - Use of English I (including Use of Library)
  •  GNS 112 - Use of English II
  • GNS 211 - Philosophy, Logic and Nigerian Culture
  • GNS 212 - Introduction to Social Sciences and Citizenship Education
  • GNS 311 - History and Philosophy of Science
GNS I11 and 112 are offered during the first year in the University by 100 level and fresh 200 level students; GNS 211 and 212 by 200 level students while 300 level students offer GNS 311. GNS 111, 211 and 311 are taught during the Harmattan Semester while GNS 112 and 212 are taught during the Rain Semester. These courses are also offered by Sandwich students at appropriate contact sessions.
The Division is currently housed in a portion of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering Laboratory Building. It is headed by a Director (who is a Professor) and is assisted by a few Administrative Staff. The lecturers who participate in teaching the various courses are recruited from relevant Departments within and outside the University depending on their specialties, and are paid on the basis of number of hours taught. For instance, lecturers for the Use of English are recruited from English department as well as other related departments. Lecturers for the Use of Library are recruited from the University Library and Department of Library Sciences. Lecturers for GNS 211 and GNS 212 are recruited from faculties of Arts, Education and Business and Social Sciences.
One of the major constraints in the Division is inadequacy of office space. It is hoped that the University will provide a larger office complex for the Division in due course. It is also hoped that budgetary provision will be improved so as to ease the difficulties encountered by our part-time lecturers in moving between the two locations of our students.

Vision and Objectives
  • To improve the language and communication skills of all students and to help them develop adequate competence in the Use of English   Language as a tool for their present studies and future employments.
  • To assist students to develop and expand the awareness of their social; cultural and physical environments which invariably will prepare them to function effectively in their society.
  • To socialize the Nigerian students to cultivate desirable habits, values, attitudes, patriotism, nationalism and to appreciate the status of the  Constitution as the will of the people, and to sensitize students to the functions and obligations of Government at all levels.
  • To introduce students to the broad areas of sciences and to create awareness of the services of science to man and the effect of science on human society.


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